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Information For Admission

Admission Requirements

Students Categories

Qualification of Application

Documents to be submitted

Undergraduate Students

High school diploma or its equivalent

A. Certificate of high school and academic record, Certificate of HSK level 3 or above

Students or Trainees for Traditional Chinese Medicine ?and Chinese Language Training

No requirement of educational background£¬ physical health


Application Procedures

  1.The Applicants can obtain the completed Foreigner's Application Form for Admission to Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities from the University¡¯s website.
  2. All applicants are required to submit the following documents to the International Education Faculty two months before the Entry Deadline: Application Form for Foreign Students; a copy or scan of applicant's passport; notarized certificate of high school; certificate of HSK; 2-inch recent photo.
  3. The admitted applicant will receive a letter of Admission Notice and a form of JW202 (Visa Application Form for Foreigners) from YMUN four weeks before the registration date.
  4. The admitted applicants should go to the Embassy or Consulate of People's Republic of China in his country to apply for an X visa with his passport, the letter of Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreigners (JW202).
  5. Our academic year starts in September each year. The spring semester starts in March and the autumn semester starts in September.
  6£®Application Fee: 400RMB/person. The fees are not refundable.


    The University provides international students with comfortable living accommodations. Most students will reside in the Foreign Students Dorm Building on campus. Each apartment (double room) has an air conditioner, a private toilet, a television, a telephone, an electric water heater, Internet access, desks and chairs. The accommodation fee for each student is from 4,000 RMB to 4,500 RMB for one school year.

Contact Information
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